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Providing EXPERT analysis of NOAA National Weather Service weather data to determine such things as rainfall amount at your location, possibility of icing, wind speed and direction, time and duration of precipitation, amount of snowfall, etc. Able to secure records from NWS data archives. Professional meteorologist who has testified in court.
Primarily skilled in analysis of low speed collisions and assessment of injury potential. If your client was involved in a minor impact collision where there was no, or very little, obvious vehicle damage, we can do an objective analysis to find the change in velocity and evaluate the collision severity. Experienced physicist who has testified in court.
Get your business on the internet! We can get you a domain name, set you up with a server, and build you a website complete with graphics, your logo, and interactive processing. Once we build your site, you will own it and have complete control. If you like, we can maintain your site at an hourly rate whereby you pay only for the tasks requested. Aimed at the cost conscious client!
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